Because life is made of little shipwrecks

A show in clown language.

Castaways is a clown show about two everyday castaways living adrift.
These Castaways arrive, they meet each other, they play, they search…
They share… with other castaways.
They fish for messages, they collect bottles and moments.
Each shipwreck is an opportunity to start again, to continue the journey. To live.
These characters are carried along… by the wind, by the waves, by impulses. This is their way of life, their daily routine, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
A meeting with the audience, an exchange.
Two castaways that may leave a seed wherever they go and may pick up some others that will transform their own lives.
A tribute to all travelers that once felt cast away.
A nod to everyday shipwrecks with humor and delicacy.
A street theatre and also a clown show, and thus a circus.

Castaways has no text: gestures, glances and smiles are the ones that speak.
A show for all ages, where children are invited to come with an adult.